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Breaking the Worry Agreement Book

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How Big Is Your But Book
Breaking the Worry Agreement Book

Breaking The Worry Agreement

Is worry affecting your health? Your relationships? Your happiness? Maybe even your career?

It’s time to put an end to worrying once and for all.

Learn how repetitive worry quickly turns into an automatic, subconscious Worry Agreement. Once you understand what’s really occurring, you’ll see how some simple and practical techniques can help you handle whatever comes your way from a much better mental state.

Each chapter guides you, giving you concrete tools to manage your subconscious so you’re managing your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts manage you. Take back your power so you can live with less stress, have more energy, and feel calmer.

Bonuses include video, audio recordings, PDF’s and additional tips to help you renegotiate with worry and effectively release it in order to feel better physically and emotionally.

#1 International Best Seller
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How Big Is Your But?

Are you making excuses (maybe subconsciously!) that hold you back from obtaining the things you want?

Readers love this book because Rene takes you on a journey that will help you understand what is holding you back from the life you want to live. Most of us do not know what beliefs we hold about ourselves. We are not taught how to manage the emotions our false beliefs create. This book is focused on looking within, gaining awareness, and getting rid of the blocks or Big Buts. Rene gives you easy to follow relaxation exercises to teach you how to get out of your own way so you can begin to live your life with joy and purpose.

Reading How Big Is Your But? is like sitting down with Rene Brent and having a conversation about your life. She shares her years of practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and her personal journey of healing and self-awareness. Her warmth and sincerity for helping others comes through on each and every page. Her humor and straightforward conversational style make a sometimes-difficult topic fun and logical.

#1 International Best Seller
As Seen On…
How Big Is Your But Book

Reviews For Breaking The Worry Agreement

Rene Brent brings her own experiences once again to her readers, and her words are credible and calming. Her work as both a nurse for more than 30 years, combined with a successful hypnotherapy practice, give readers solid information on how to decrease worry in their lives and truly enjoy each day.
Barb Abramson
Barb Abramson
Founder, Making Meaningful Connections
This book comes in perfect time during this pandemic. This book is the perfect follow up to “How Big is your But?”. It gives an easy understanding with techniques on how to address worry and stop letting it run your life. Rene is compassionate and dedicated to helping people remove blocks from their lives.
Danielle Newell
Rene has knocked it out of the park with this exceptional effort which is the perfect follow-up to her debut "How Big is Your But."  Peppered with pointed questions designed to poke, provoke and expose just how much time, energy and mental / emotional bandwidth worry is truly robbing from you and your life while revealing simple, intuitive and practical steps for breaking up with worry so you can enjoy a rapid return to that expansive creative space where anything is possible. An easy and thought-provoking read mixed with humor and insight married with a straight-forward delivery you would want from a big sister, friend or trusted mentor. Worth your time and focus especially as she holds nothing back in her effort to bring you out of the worry space and into a curious open space where, if for just a moment, you can shift away from worry into open and receptive mindset, to let go of your agreement with worry and create the life you desire and deserve. Rene shares the best of the best of the tips, tricks and techniques that make her an expert in her field and as valuable a thought leader as those she quotes. Certainly one for the hypnotherapist's and coach's toolbox as she has done all the work for you in assembling a powerhouse of proven tools designed to lead clients quickly into change.
Dani Fox
Chief Operating Officer, Anahat Education Group, Inc
Certified Clinical, Transpersonal & Interpersonal Hypnotherapist
Many books, articles, poems stories and fables have been written about “worry” and its detrimental effects on the quality of a person’s life.  Rene’s handbook of practical advice differentiates itself from these texts in her statement, “…swipe it (worry) away with your hand and push that worry somewhere else, away from you.” Disassociation or “letting go” is the key to harmony in so many things and Rene’s text reinforces that through many practical, anecdotal, scientific, and historical examples. After enjoying her book, the reader will come away with the courage to put into practice much of the practical advice Rene’ shares in her text and create a realistic plan and vision for the future. The reader will be able to ask, “What is the next small step I can take to reach my goal?”… “What do I need right now?” and develop a list of answers to these two essential questions. In short, Rene’s book will give you what you need to distance yourself from worry so you can see it clearly for what it is and then deal with it in a healthy, happy, and positive way.
Donald J. Swanson
Sharpening the Focus of Force Field Analysis D Swanson, A Creed
Power and Passion: Remoulded Teamwork in a Plastics Factory A Shawn Creed, A Zutshi, D Swanson
Just as she accomplished in her first book “How Big is Your But?”, Rene uniquely combines cutting-edge science with timeless psychological techniques to guide readers out from the weight of their anxieties and worries. This book takes readers through all facets of Worry, even those typically thought to be helpful, and shows how harmful of a habit it truly is. Rene expertly explains her points using multiple fields of study: Neuroscience, Immuno-biology, Hypnotherapy, Psychobiology and more, so that everyone can relate and find compelling evidence to make concrete changes in their life.
Ariel Kachler
Breaking the Worry Agreement with Rene Brent is such a simple, yet powerful, way to understand the futility of worry and also to change the reasons for it.  Rene explains clearly and simply, in her down-to-earth-style, that we have a lot more control over our deep inner mind than we may have thought.  Through neuroscience, hypnotherapy and other mental technologies, this book gently yet firmly guides those who need to let go of fear into much deeper states of peace and inner contentment.  Life does not have to be anywhere near as hard as we make it.  By changing subconscious patterns any reader of this book will be on a solid path to an open and free heart and a calm and clear mind.  Just like Rene’s first book How Big is Your BUT?, she once again shows us that there is always more room to grow, to let go, and to take life to the next level by releasing what we don’t want and keeping what we do.  It’s really simple and anyone can learn to have a much more positive and optimistic mindset simply by reading and following the techniques so clearly outlined in this simple yet brilliant read.
Matthew Brownstein
CEO – Anahat Education Group, Inc.
President – International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists
Executive Director – Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy
Author: The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment, The Sacred Geometry of Meditation, The Anahat Meditation System, Peace Under All Circumstances, and Interpersonal Hypnotherapy